Webinar: Re-engaging Difficult Disruptive Students





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With the increasing budget demands on every school system, educational professionals cannot rely on alternative placements or special programs in response to students who habitually exhibit disturbing behavior. Unfortunately educators often unwittingly contribute to dysfunctional behavior by making critical mistakes in their instructional approaches to these difficult students.

This presentation by Dr. Ed Orszulak will highlight powerful strategies that enable educators to transform students who can drain the spirit of even the most passionate educator.These powerful strategies have been developed on certain fundamental principles of effective instructional relationships.Understanding these strategies will build immediate competence and confidence in educators to be able to handle even the most difficult student challenge.

This informative webinar is based upon Dr. Orszulak’s research and experience as a principal, consultant, university instructor and national speaker.The session will draw upon his book, The Redemption Approach: 5 Timeless Principles for Re-Engaging Tough Kids in School as well new material for a book currently in development.

This 90-minute research-based webinar will:

  • Help educators avoid critical mistakes which can actually escalate a negative situation
  • Deliver a clear understanding of strategic applications for control during various phases of disturbing behavior
  • Provide specific, ready-to-use strategies, modifications and accommodations to avoid or de-escalate crisis, disruption and defiance
  • Help educators develop responsive instructional zones to build and rebuild effective learning relationships with students
  • Assist educators in maintaining a sense of self-efficacy and self-esteem when working with tough students in both general and special education settings
  • Give educators a sense of hope and positivism that can transform their careers
  • Link the important elements embedded in Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports, Data-Driven Decision-Making and Relationship-Driven Classroom Management

Webinar Highlights:

  • 3 Critical Mistakes Educators Make When Dealing With Difficult and Disruptive Students
    • Universal Design
    • Universal Understanding
    • Universal Application
  • How These Mistakes Play Out In Each Domain
    • Academic Domain
    • Organizational Domain
    • Social Domain
  • Sustaining the Spirit
  • The Alarmist Mentality
  • Confrontation The Egocentric Conflict
  • Phases of Disburbing Behavior
  • A Framework for Response
  • Marzano Research Bias
  • De-escalation Techniques
  • The Redemption Approach
    • 5 Timeless Principles
  • 6 Tranformational Strategies
  • Helpful Activities

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