Webinar: Making Parents Allies: What Every Educator Needs to Know about Involving Parents in Academics and Bully Prevention





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Making Parents Allies: What Every Educator Needs to Know about Involving Parents in Academics & Bully Prevention

How can you get “fringe” parents involved?

How can you keep parental involvement constructive?

How do you deal with “difficult” parents?

Parental involvement is an indispensable component of student and school success.  Research shows that the level of support of parents can impact the growth of students and the school and can  exert positive effects on student outcomes across elementary and secondary school. But how can educators successfully engage parents and increase parental involvement? 

In this enlightening 90-minute webinar, Stephanie Plain Potter discloses the latest research-based inclusion strategies on parental involvement in academics and bully prevention that are designed to increase and develop a strong parental involvement presence for student growth and success. The emphasis is on building a collaborative parent/ school team for bully prevention and academic growth. A user-friendly, step-by-step blueprint will be demonstrated to allow attendees to immediately implement the strategies that will impact parental involvement. 


This webinar will provide participants with:

  • Definitions and levels of parental involvement
  • Ways to create common goals and vision for parental involvement
  • Strategies for identifying current areas needed for improvement in present parental involvement system
  • Key insight for bridging gaps between parental involvement in academics and behavior
  • Procedures for establishing long term implementation


Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the definitions of parental involvement
  • Develop and implement ways to increase parental involvement through mini-sessions, social networking, and media presence
  • Design a parental involvement system that builds a team with shared responsibility
  • Create an environment and climate of collaboration between parents and school personnel

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