Webinar: Effective Strategies for Helping Distressed/Anxious Children





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Effective Strategies for Helping Distressed Anxious Children

Today’s increasingly fast-paced and complex world is contributing to increased numbers of children and adolescents experiencing stress and anxiety disorders, as compared previous generations. For some young people, anxiety is so intense and frequent that normal functioning is not possible. More than six forms of anxiety disorders have been identified as afflicting an estimated 19 million people in North America. Sadly less than 25% of these people receive any type of specialized treatment for these disorders.

Anxiety problems in children and teens can be among the most serious and challenging emotional issues they face. This is because young people have not fully developed their coping skills, and they often have limited control over their environment. This webinar seeks to help adults equip young people with tools to manage stress and anxiety well. In addition, caring professionals and other adults will gain knowledge to help youth overcome various forms of chronic and intense distress such as that experienced with anxiety disorders.

This webinar will provide you with fresh research-based information and practical coping strategies to impart to young people and to those adults who set a healing environment for youth. This presentation will also help educators, parents, and other professionals identify kids and teens with significant anxiety and provide specific strategies for helping these young people to improve their coping and resiliency skills. Participants will learn information that they can, in turn, share with parents and professional educators.

Best practice anxiety reduction strategies and activities for prevention and intervention will be given for:

  • Individual Work
  • Small Group and Individual Counseling
  • Class Lessons
  • Teacher In-service


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