The Wonder of Girls by Michael Gurian

A revolutionary approach to raising girls that combines groundbreaking research with practical advice for those influential in girls’ lives.

In The Wonder of Girls, Michael Gurian presents radical and enlightening views of raising girls. Using as his springboard up-to-date scientific research on female biology, hormones, and brain development and how they shape girls’ interests, behavior, and relationships, Gurian offers crucial information for fully understanding girls’ basic nature. As such The Wonder of Girls is essential—and riveting—reading for anyone involved in raising daughters.

In a culture caught between traditionalism and feminism, Gurian, himself the father of two girls, debunks long-standing myths about girls and presents a new vision that provides for the equal status of girls and women, yet acknowledges their nature as complex and distinct from men. He explains what is “normal” for girls each year from birth to age twenty; what developmental needs they face in each stage; and how to cope with developmental crises such as early sexuality, eating disorders, parental divorce, and more. With his scientifically based developmental map of girlhood, Gurian helps parents and teachers to get to know their daughters or students from the inside out. 352 pages

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