The PROcrastinator by Julia Cook

Norman David Edwards, better known as Noodle, has a problem; a big problem. Noodle is constantly being told what to do.

“Noodle do this.”
“Noodle do that.”
“Please do it RIGHT NOW.”
“You must feed the cat.”

But Noodles problem is that there are so many other things he would rather do instead!

Once again Noodle is facing the realities of childhood. In PROcrastinator, Noodle learns the importance of doings things right when his mother (and teacher) asks him to do them, rather than putting them off till later.
As Noodles week progresses his cat gets hungrier, the trash piles up, and his poetry homework is no closer to getting done. PROcrastintor is a humorous and engaging look at the results a child only doing what is fun to do, rather than what needs to be done. Written for children in grades K-6.

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