Webinar: The Impact of Poverty on Learning: Helping Students Develop Social/Emotional and Executive Function Skills


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The reality for many families in poverty is an intergenerational pattern where unstable and stressful early childhood environments lead to poor academic readiness and behavioral issues; culminating in higher dropout rates, crime convictions and teen pregnancies. In fact, low-income students are 4.5 times more likely to drop out of high school. Yet, the situation is not hopeless.
During this 90-minute webinar, Bryan Harris, Ed.D. will explore impacts of poverty on students and reveal techniques and strategies educators can use to help these students overcome obstacles, gain confidence and succeed academically. Attendees will gain an understanding of how being from a low socio-economic stratum can affect the brain’s development and function. But, brains can and do change and Dr. Harris will reveal how educators can facilitate that change.

Discover why traditional methods of teaching may not work with this segment of students due to acute or chronic stress. And how cognitive skill development, as well as emotional support, can help these students succeed. Learn why it’s critical to give economically disadvantaged students increasing levels of control over their lives at school and to help them develop coping and resiliency skills. Explore techniques to improve vocabulary, working memory and reading skills. Attendees will come away with an understanding of how the lack of attunement in these students prevents them from learning appropriate emotional responses. You’ll leave this webinar with techniques to teach students how to respond appropriately in class.

Know how poverty affects a student’s brain development and function
Cognitive abilities
Understand the effects of acute and/or chronic stress on students from poverty
Discover how giving students more control at school can help
See the connections between ACEs, poverty and academic difficulties
Discern the skills that matter most for academic success and learn how to improve them in students from lower socio-economic strata
Gain an understanding of the importance of working memory to learning and get tools to help your students improve theirs
Know the 3 emotional keys
Emotional punctuation

School Counselors
Social Workers (All Levels)
Principals and Administrators
Special Education Personnel
At-Risk Coordinators
After-School Program Coordinators

Bryan Harris, Ed.D. has served as a classroom teacher, an elementary school principal and a district level director. Currently, Dr. Harris works full time as a consultant, speaker, trainer and author. He has trained over 18,000 educators in powerful and effective strategies that increase student engagement and achievement and is known for engaging presentations and trainings that demonstrate relevant and practical strategies. Dr. Harris is the author of five books including the popular Battling Boredom. Dr. Harris earned his doctorate from Bethel University after studying factors impacting new teacher retention.

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