The Bucket Squad


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by Lisa Hansen

Discover how to teach children kindness, appreciation and positive behavior through bucket filling.

The Bucket Squad offers a unique approach to teaching and reinforcing positive social behaviors in children. It provides a curriculum inspired by the work of Carol McCloud who wrote the highly acclaimed book, Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids. 
In this book you’ll find 10 targeted lessons and activities to help children learn and sharpen their social skills. 
  • Children become a team of bucket fillers, working together to make a positive difference in
  • their school.
  • Weekly bucket filling approaches are taught through 10 activity-based learning sessions.
  • Each social-skill lesson is reinforced throughout the week as students use the targeted skill to fill other people’s “buckets.”
  • Children’s self-esteem and confidence grow as they practice the different ways of bucket filling through positive peer interactions.
  • Weekly parent/teacher updates and tips are included for each session.

85 pages

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