Webinar: Student Led Discipline: Achieving Successful Classroom Management Through Student Empowerment


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What You Will Learn
“Managing a classroom was way different and way more difficult than anything I’d done before.”

“As a young teacher, I was nearly run out of the profession due to a poorly run school, unruly students and my own seriously inadequate classroom-management skills…”

“All I wanted to do was teach but it seemed like that was never going to happen…”

Do these comments sound familiar? Good classroom management is critical to creating an environment conducive to effective teaching and learning. But how do you achieve it?

Educational consultant and speaker Charity Carter will share her student-inspired and classroom-tested methods for achieving an optimal classroom environment during this 90-minute webinar. Charity will cover the three components of what she calls “Student Led Discipline” – classroom environment, classroom setup and classroom employment – and how these factors work together. She will do a deep dive into the classroom environment component – revealing why this particular piece is critical to success.

As a new teacher, Charity was challenged by a group of students with whom she was struggling to connect. So, she asked them what to do and was surprised to learn that they wanted a lot more control than they were given. She made a decision to think “outside the box” and created a way for her students to take responsibility for nearly everything from a classroom management perspective – from taking attendance to handling behavior issues – leaving her free to teach.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How to establish a network of student support within your classroom
  • How implementing a classroom management program such as Student Led Discipline promotes student engagement
  • How to use student leadership to significantly reduce behavior problems and discipline issues


Who Should Attend:

  • Teachers (all grade levels)
  • Teachers’ Aides
  • Principals and Administrators
  • After-School Program Coordinators
  • Special Education Personnel
  • At-Risk Coordinators
About the Presenter
Charity G. Carter, MS.Ed.,  is an author and educational consultant who has served as an elementary and middle school teacher, a middle and high school dean, a district content specialist and a graduate level adjunct professor. Her gift for helping others maximize their potential has been utilized with students, teachers and building level administrators.

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