Step-by-Step: Administering Medications to Students





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Step-by-Step prepares teachers and staff who must take responsibility for administering oral medications and eye drops – as well as life-saving measures such as glucagon, inhalers and EpiPen. Based upon the popular AccuTrain title, Administering Medications to Students: A How To, this version is set exclusively in schools and focuses on non-medical personnel. This program is critical for any educator who may need to administer medications – whether in normal day-to-day settings, on a field trip, or in other situations when a nurse is unavailable.

It covers:

Medication administration policies
The “Five Rights”
Oral medications
Eye drops & ointments
Nose drops, nasal sprays & inhalers
Topical medications & transdermal patches
EpiPen & Glucagon

Length: 20 Minutes

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