Webinar: Socially Traumatized: How Dangers of Social Media are Affecting Teaching, Learning and Brain Development


Webinar: Socially Traumatized: How Dangers of Social Media are Affecting Teaching, Learning and Brain Development




Secret apps, code words, dating apps – together with little or no guidance – may all add up to a dangerous experience on social media. One risky post or socially awkward moment can leave tweens and teens open to severed friendships, social exclusion, cyberbullying, predators – and even extortion. Educators may see the results of social-media-related trauma in their hallways and classrooms, and not even know the cause.
Gain an understanding of the landmines students must navigate on social media during this informative 90-minute webinar with Catava Burton, an Education Specialist and Certified Trauma Practitioner. Discover how social apps can serve as gateways to trauma, mental health disorders and suicide.
Attendees will gain an understanding of how trauma associated with social media can result in PTSD and anxiety, what the signs are and how these conditions can affect a student’s ability to learn. Attendees will also discover strategies to help students avoid social media drama, and while gaining critical insights for dealing with these issues – in ways that do not trigger liability for the educator or the school.

Examine popular apps and secret apps
Understand code words used in social media
Discover how social media can be a gateway to trauma
Know signs of PTSD and anxiety that may be triggered by social media
Recognize signs of suicidal thoughts and tendencies
Understand the effects social media-induced trauma can have on the brain
Learn best practices for teaching students suffering from this trauma


Social Workers
Special Education Personnel
Student Services Personnel
Support Staff


Catava Burton, MS is the Preventative Services Specialist for a large public school district in Virginia. She provides oversight to the Behavior Support Team and the Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) program. She possesses 19 years experience in psychology with a focus on mental health, trauma and human development. Catava is also a certified trauma practitioner, blogger for The Mighty, and was featured as a 2017 Human of Richmond.

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