Smart Guidance Volume 2


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VOLUME 2 of our very popular “SMART” Guidance multi-topic lessons will engage students for learning with fun, interactive lessons that can be used on any digital white board such as SMART Boards™ or Promethean Boards™ or on any computer.

The 10 interactive lessons contained on the CD include:

  • 4,3,2,1… Managing Anger Is Simple and Fun: Developing Anger Management Skills
  • It’s Your Choice! Understanding Choices and Consequences
  • Learn To Do It Now, Not Later – You Can Be a Communicator: Developing Good Communication Skills
  • Problems, Pressures, and Peers – Oh My! Learning to Cope
  • Are You Willing to Wait? Learning To Be Patient
  • What To Do When Peers Put the Pressure On You! Saying NO To Negative Peer Pressure
  • Too Close for Comfort! Understanding and Respecting Personal Space
  • You Can Be a Positive Thinker! Focusing on What’s Right Instead of What’s Wrong
  • The 3 Keys to Success on Tests: Test-Taking Tips and Skills
  • School Is Your Work, Learning Is Your Job! Developing Good Work Habits

Also included on the CD is a downloadable facilitator’s lesson plan guide and follow-up reproducibles. 

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