SMART Guidance: Teaching Appropriate Positive Behaviors to Children by Will Moody

Calling all kids!  Calling all kids!  ALERT! An APB has just been released and an investigation is underway into the use of inappropriate and negative behaviors that are robbing the citizens of Pleasant Town of success. Join Officer Behavior and the citizens of Pleasant Town to stop Behavior Crook and learn APPROPRIATE POSITIVE BEHAVIORS while earning your Behavior Detective Badge!

Discover this amazing collection of nine educational, exciting, and engaging guidance lessons designed to be used with the interactive whiteboards. You will capture your students’ interest and imagination with these nine new “SMART” Guidance lessons that can be used with classes, small groups, or even with individuals.

In addition, this SMART Guidance product includes the Game Center featuring many of the games and interactive activities from the nine lessons as stand-alone activities you can use in conjunction with other lessons, programs, curricula, or just as a quick review for a specific topic.

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