Webinar: Self-Regulation Training: Avoid Classroom Chaos


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When a student can’t read, we teach him how. When a student struggles with algebra, we give her skills to help. When a student has trouble behaving, what do we do?

Self-Regulation skills can be taught. Not all students have the same ability to regulate emotions, behaviors and responses to difficulties. And those who have not mastered Self-Regulation can be very disruptive to instruction time. What if educators included lessons on Self-Regulation as part of the curriculum? Everyone can benefit from the training on how to recognize triggers and how to manage responses to them. Rather than trying to modify behavior and/or removing the stimuli that results in unacceptable behavior, Self-Regulation training gives students control over their responses.

During this 90-minute webinar Brad Chapin, a master’s level psychologist and nationally-recognized speaker, will share strategies that have helped students develop skills necessary for success in academic performance, relationships and overall wellness. Brad will demonstrate that personal responsibility for behaviors and self-discipline are stronger predictors of academic success than IQ.


  • Sharing concrete skill development ideas for teachers to use in their classes
  • How Self-Regulation training provides a framework for teaching and practicing Self-Regulation skills in the classroom giving educators more instruction time
  • Making the connection between Self-Regulation skills and student performance, social interactions and school safety
  • How to give students control over their responses to triggers
  • The 3 skill-training areas
  • Physical skills
  • Emotional skills
  • Cognitive skills


  • Engaging approaches to use with individual students and the entire class that you can employ immediately
  • How to give students the tools to manage their behavior by recognizing triggers and controlling how they respond
  • The 3 skill-training areas
  • To target the core and address a broad spectrum of behaviors and performance issues
  • How Self-Regulation skills affect social interactions, academic and athletic performance, aggressive behaviors, physical wellness and future happiness and success
  • How to incorporate Self-Regulation training into your classroom curriculum.


Brad Chapin is a leading authority on Self-Regulation and a masters level psychologist with a passion for helping others learn the skills necessary for success and happiness. He is a best-selling author and nationally-recognized speaker in the area of Self-Regulation. He has served as the Director of Child and Adult Community Services for a large community mental health center where he supervised 65 mental health field staff. Currently, Brad is Director of Clinical Services for Stormont-Vail Behavioral Health Services. Brad’s first book, Helping Young People Learn Self-Regulation, is in its second printing. He has since published Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation, The Legend of the Regulators, Teaching Self-Regulation Smart Guidance DVD and the Self-Regulation Training Board. His latest book, Helping Pre-Schoolers Learn Self-Regulation, was released to critical acclaim in 2016.

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