School Bus Safety Series Vol. 1-4 – DVD


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Training for students on the 7 basic skills of school bus safety.
Four age-appropriate programs with instructor manuals for teaching children how to safely ride the school bus. Designed to be taught in the classroom by the teacher or transportation representative, this training series includes four modules and four classroom lesson plans.
Volume 1 Kindergarten and Pre-K

Street crossing
Loading and unloading danger zones
Emergency evacuation

Volume 2 Grades 1 through 3

Appropriate behavior on the bus
Using the handrail and danger zones
Emergency evacuation

Volume 3 Grades 4 through 6

Safety, order and rights
Student discussions and presentations

Volume 4 Grades 7 through 10

Reinforces the safety rules
Reinforces the behavior rules
Reinforces that riding the bus is a privilege and not a right.

Length: 23 Minutes

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