Webinar: Reversing Suspension: Tools for Implementing Innovative Alternatives to Home Suspension


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A pervasive problem continues to challenge school staff and administrators …the habitual suspension of some particularly challenging students …with little or no impact on changing the behavior.  These students   ̶  “Frequent Flyers” ̶  are suspended on a routine basis.  They are kids who “get suspended and come right back and do the same thing over again!” Their patterns of disturbing behavior and our patterns of dysfunctional suspensions prevent important connections between “us” and “them” which has a negative impact on student success in school.

Making a solution to this problem more urgent is the growing outrage and challenge from parents to keep their children in school, and increased pressure from departments of education to reduce suspensions while maintaining a successful learning environment. But, if a disruptive student can’t be removed from class, what should be done instead? How are teachers and administrators supposed to deal with repeated, disruptive and sometimes dangerous behaviors?

In this 90-minute webinar, Dr. Ed Orszulak will share specific, targeted strategies that can impact chronically suspended students. Discover how “turnaround” schools are managing disruptive behavior. Learn what it means to “preempt with vigilance” by employing critical thinking centers, a quick-release program and a staff buddy system. Dr. Orszulak will share ways to replace a reliance on suspensions with powerful skillsets and strategies that help difficult students stay in school and experience success.


  • Critical role of beliefs and behaviors when dealing with difficult students
  • Specific, targeted and responsive strategies that specifically impact chronically suspended students.
  • A variety of effective and innovative techniques that develop powerful and responsive relationships with students, staff and families
  • Strategic techniques for situational control during the phases of disturbing behavior that most often leads to suspension outcomes.
  • Specific, ready-to-use strategies, modifications, and accommodations to help particularly persistent young people improve their pro-social attitudes and skills.


  • Discern how PBIS can help educators instruct with a focus on pro-social skill development
  • Explore why a growth mindset focused on continued progress, growth and development of students is essential
  • Know the phases of disturbing behavior and the three-step intervention to help diffuse it
  • Become familiar with restorative practices – cooperation, collaboration and capacity for change
  • Realign thinking to keep students in school by exploring reverse suspensions
  • Discover approaches staff and administration can use to help replace suspension in schools


Ed Orszulak, Ph. D. is a School Principal and Educational Consultant with over 30 years experience working with students who exhibit disturbing behavior.  He is the author of The Redemption Approach…5 Timeless Principles to Re-Engage Tough Kids in School offering a fresh approach to transforming and helping students who are resistant or non-responsive to more traditional forms of discipline and direction in schools.  In addition, Ed also works as an adjunct professor helping professionals understand and deliver effective instructional techniques of impact and influence with tough kids.  Educators, parents, professionals, and especially children continue to benefit from his insight, experience and common sense approach to transformational instruction.

Ed’s research and practice have taken him around the country focusing on the reduction of school suspension, engagement and re-engagement of disenfranchised youth, and effective instructional practice to meet the needs of even the toughest students.  

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