Relational Aggression in Girls by Jamie Kupkovits



This curriculum has been designed based on research for addressing and treating relational aggression in girls. Nine sessions are included that will help you address girl bullying issues in your classroom and school. An optional 10th session is also offered for follow-up purposes. The lessons and activities can be used in classrooms and in small-groups as a prevention/intervention tool for girls who are dealing with issues related to relational aggression. This program includes a pretest and posttest assessment tool that will help you to collect data for accountability.Topics include:

Relational Aggression Awareness

Relational Aggression Strategies

Challenging Negative Belief Systems about Girl Behaviors

Defining Normative Beliefs about Relational Aggression

Identifying Thoughts Feelings and Actions Associated with Relational Aggression

Problem Solving Situations Involving Relational Aggression

Assertiveness Skills and Strategies

Behavior Contracts or Promises

Healthy Friendship Skills and Strategies

Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence Building

Emotional Development

Empathy Training

Perspective Taking and Understanding Differences

Self-Esteem and Self-Talk

Role Playing

Goal Setting



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