Princess Priscilla and the Mood Ring Rainbow by Stephanie Jensen

Princess Priscilla is excited to show off her new color-changing mood ring. While wearing this amazing ring around her waist, she buzzes through her day focusing on her feelings in a brand new way.

In the story, Princess Priscilla experiences many feelings and her mood ring changes colors to show each one. Each time she sees a color change, she uses one of her skills to make sure she manages her mood. Priscilla uses the colors from her mood ring throughout the day to draw a bright, colorful rainbow.

This story encourages self-awareness and self-management for children in a cheerful and engaging journey through the Mood Ring Rainbow with Priscilla. Children gain fundamental insights on how to name their emotions and use self-regulation strategies to manage them when needed. Princess Priscilla shows examples of positive approaches children can use when they are feeling happy, jealous, embarrassed, bored, joyful, angry, confused, or sad.

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