Princess Priscilla and the Great Beezilla by Stephanie Jensen

There is a new bee in the hive, but is she a bee or is she a bug? Her name is Iris and she is really a beetle who wants to “bee” friends with Priscilla and her Honey Bunch so she disguises herself as a bee. Some of the bees refuse to play with her because of how strange and funny she looks. When Princess Priscilla meets Iris, she invites her to play and does not judge her for her strange looks, but she is suspicious.

After Iris finally admits that she disguised herself as a bee, Princess Priscilla tells her that she doesn’t need to look like them but to just “bee” herself. Iris is relieved to find out that she doesn’t have to pretend anymore. The other bees apologize for judging her by her looks and they invite her to “bee” their friend.

40 pages

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