Webinar: Opioid/Substance Abuse & Your Students


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The startling statistics of opioid abuse boggle the mind – and the ripple effects on students can be far-reaching.  Treatment methods, management of prescription drugs and control of illegal substances are all on the agenda for addressing the crisis, but kids are rarely the focus of concerted planning.

Any student whose family life is disrupted by addiction carries a heavy weight – sometimes because they are acting as caregivers to siblings and parents, sometimes because their own basic emotional and physical needs are not being met and sometimes because their peers, teachers and coaches cannot possibly understand their home lives.

During this 90-minute webinar, Catava Burton, Ed.S. and a certified trauma counselor will explore parental addiction and the impacts on neurobiology and student learning. She will reveal how trauma and addiction are connected – whether it’s opioids, alcohol, other prescription drugs or illegal substances. Using case studies for reflection and discussion, Catava will examine how attachment and social/emotional skills are damaged by the abuse and neglect that go hand-in-hand with addiction. She will share strategies to help students with addicted family members to cope and build resilience.  She will also discuss what steps should be taken to help students who may themselves be addicted.

Catava will also share her observations on the connections between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) – such as living with substance abuse – and difficulties in the classroom.  She will also discuss how these classroom challenges can result in misdiagnoses of learning disabilities and how this trend contributes to the school-to-prison pipeline.


  • Explore the psychological trauma of addiction
  • Examine the co-occurring disorders of addiction
  • How ACEs and substance abuse are connected
  • Know the 4 neurotransmitters and how your classroom can impact them
  • Understand the pathway from ACEs/trauma to social/emotional and cognitive disabilities and indulging in risky behaviors
  • Understand how knowing a student’s trauma history can help educators plan for classroom behavior management
  • Learn the 4 R’s of building resilience


  • Social Workers
  • Substance Abuse Directors
  • Student Services Personnel
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • School Nurse
  • School Resource Officer
  • Support Staff


Catava Burton, Ed.S. is the Preventative Services Specialist for a large public school district in Virginia.  She provides oversight to the Behavior Support Team and the Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS) program. She possesses 19 years experience in psychology with a focus on mental health, trauma and human development. Catava is also a certified trauma practitioner, blogger for The Mighty, and was featured as a 2017 Human of Richmond.

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