Motivating Black Males to Achieve in School & in Life

If you’ve ever been uncertain about what to do about the chronic achievement gap between black males and other student populations, then here’s a book that will forever change your approach to these students and equip you with a whole new plan for motivating black males to achieve in school and in life.

Award-winning educator and author Baruti K. Kafele draws from his 20 years of experience in teaching black males and turning around troubled urban schools to explain:
– Why the challenges of educating black male students are different from educating other student populations.
– What all black male students need in their classroom experiences.
– How to assess your own attitudes and abilities to educate black males.
– Which major problems outside of school could change the way you teach black males.
– How to address the root causes of black male self-identity.
– Why and how to develop a young men’s empowerment program.

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