How to be a Bully... NOT! by Marcia Nass


How to be a Bully… NOT! by Marcia Nass


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More than anything, Andy wants to follow in his big, bad, bully brother Martin’s footsteps. Andy thinks Martin is totally cool and powerful because no one at school messes with Martin. When Martin says he’ll teach Andy how to be a bully in three bully lessons Andy is thrilled. But, when Andy tries to be a bully, something very unexpected happens.Young readers will gain new insights and giggle at the funny way Andy handles his bully lessons and the delightful heartwarming results. The story and lesson about bullying will stay with them a long time after The End.Following the story the book includes 20 pages of worksheets that encourage children to personalize and discuss the primary issues in the story. Through this part of the book children become agents in a ‘Bully Patrol’ and can receive a special certificate when they reach the end.

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