Guidance with Good Measure by Anthony Pearson


Guidance with Good Measure by Anthony Pearson


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by Anthony Pearson
Thought provoking:’Discover 22 lessons that get students moving, get their brains in gear and make them think outside the box. Every lesson will challenge students to consider their thoughts feelings and behaviors in a variety of ways. Concepts like Delayed Gratification, Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Motivation, Solution-Focused Conflict Resolution, and many’more are delivered in thought provoking methods.Exciting: Each lesson is built to hold the students’ attention. The students will want to dive right in and get to learning through role-plays games and interesting activities! No activity is exactly the same so students will be excited to see each and every counseling lesson!Easy to implement:’The lessons in this book can be easily adapted to kick off a new series or conclude a particular program. These lessons can even be integrated into small groups! Counselors using this book have a myriad of effective delivery options.Measurable: Guidance with Good Measure is based on the American School Counseling Association standards. Each lesson is reinforced with easy to deliver assessments. Counselors can collect data on the impact they are making with their students. This data can be used to direct counseling programs. Data from the lessons can be used for school- wide or district-wide presentations!

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