Girls in the Lead by Alissa Norby


Girls in the Lead by Alissa Norby


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With this theatre therapy- and arts activity-based program girls learn to navigate their adolescent years and become strong smart and confident adult women. It is the first program of its kind to use fun interactive and engaging exercises to effectively combat relational aggression and teach healthy conflict resolution skills. This book’s unique curriculum mixes theatre, performing arts and improvisation as well as creative writing and discussion to help girls understand the dynamics of relational aggression, decrease instances of gossip and rumor-spreading, gain healthy conflict resolution skills, learn how to deal with friend fights effectively, increase self-esteem and overall self-image, develop a sense of empathy and understanding for one another and acquire leadership skills

Girls in the Lead consists of fourteen sessions and thirty games and exercises that were developed in classroom and small group settings making the program a good fit for any school or small counseling group. The curriculum also provides pre- and post- program surveys, a group evaluation form, easy and detailed instruction discussion questions for each activity, journal topics, an encyclopedia of additional and alternate activities and reproducible handouts.

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