Girl Games

The five games included in this package are played similarly to the traditional card games on which they are based making them fun and easy to play. Cards include different topics with thought-provoking questions that can help facilitate meaningful discussions. Each card game focuses on one aspect of bullying or relational aggression.

1. Crazy Dates (Crazy Eights) Respect, Appreciation, Support, Safety, Trust, Put-Downs, Ignoring, Feeling Uncomfortable, Pressure, Fights, Control and Possessiveness

2. Queen of Mean (Old Maid) Lying, Gossip, Fights, Bullying, Rumors, Best Friends, Exclusion, Jealousy, Secrets, Accusations, Put-Downs and Violence

3. Peace Not War (War) Peaceful Relationships, Self-Improvement, Affirmations, Self-Reflection, Consequences of Rumors, Helping Others and Looking at Accomplishments

4. Confidence Concentration (Memory) Body Image, Likes & Dislikes, Hobbies, Difficulties, Goals, Achievements, Pride, Appearance and Strengths

5. Go Talk (Go Fish) Emotions & Communication, Accusing, Defensiveness, Emotions, Adult Helpers, Conflicts, Listening and Patience

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