Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis





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Food allergies are a growing food safety and public health concern that affect an estimated eight percent of children in the United States. Moreover, the Centers for Disease Control recommends that staff who work in schools and early care programs should develop plans for preventing an allergic reaction and responding to a food allergy emergency.
Be sure everyone in your school is prepared with this thorough and informative DVD and AccuTrain On-Demand training program. Your staff will learn the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance. You will also discover how and where reactions can occur via ingestion, inhalation and contact. This program will help educators distinguish between a mild allergic reaction and anaphylaxis — and demonstrates in detail how to use an EpiPen if needed.

This program will help teachers and other staff understand:
What a food allergy is
The Major Eight food allergies
Routes of exposure
Minor and major reactions
Special areas of concern
Administration of EpiPen

Length: 13 Minutes

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