Webinar: Don't Lose Your Cool: Mastering Challenging Moments with Responsibility-Centered Discipline





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When student interactions grow intense, it’s easy for an educator’s emotions to escalate – and to unconsciously move into fight-or-flight mode. The Responsibility-Centered Discipline™ approach promotes a paradigm shift in school discipline – with an emphasis on building positive teacher-student relationships and implementing a system that holds students accountable for their behavior. During this 90-minute webinar, Eric Clark, a Master Trainer who has implemented the principles of RCD as a teacher, assistant principal and principal, will illustrate how to build this valuable approach into your classroom or school and defuse explosive situations.

Webinar Highlights:

  • The connection between student responsibility and school climate
  • How relationship-building affects classroom management and academic performance
  • The responsibility pyramid
  • The three levels of compliance
  • Using the Give ’em Five™ conversation
    • Support
    • Expectation
    • Breakdown
    • Benefit
    • Closure
  • Importance of emotional control in difficult situations
  • How mastering challenging moments affects leadership
  • Examples of mastering the challenging moments with
    • Apathetic students
    • Attention seekers
    • Hostile students
    • Manipulators

When educators lose their self-control during challenging moments with students, they often become part of the problem – by empowering students to place blame on them.  Modeling a calm, centered approach during intense times provides a great teaching moment!  Following the principles of Responsibility-Centered Discipline forces students to become responsible for their own actions and to build solutions when they fail to meet classroom expectations!

Learning Objectives:
During this webinar you will learn to:

  • Employ the basic tenets of Responsibilty-Centered Discipline
  • Build relationships with students based on the Responsibility Pyramid elements and 6 Keys to Creating a Responsible School
  • Use the guided conversation – Give’Em Five Components – to manage challenging moments
  • Coach students to own their behaviors and maintain emotional control
  • Develop best practices for working with difficult students
  • Recognize the three compliance levels

About the Presenter

Eric Clark, M. Ed. is a Certified Master Trainer for Responsibility-Centered Discipline and helped shape the implementation materials for the program. He most recently served as Head of School at a progressive private school in the Midwest. Previously he served as Principal in a public school setting, while also serving as the District Technology Integration Specialist.

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