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Have you ever wondered how to make social/emotional lessons more concrete or experience-oriented? Or maybe you have a few students who seem to be disengaged.

This innovative 90-minute webinar will equip teachers, counselors and other helping professionals with engaging, hands-on activities and experience-oriented session ideas that teach or reinforce therapeutic concepts. Each strategy presented can be used in a variety of ways and to address several different issues. A few of the topics addressed will be resiliency, self-regulation, bullying, identity formation, motivation, problem solving/making choices, and behavior-based issues such as attending, appropriate emotional expression, and assertiveness. A sampling of some of the strategies that will be presented includes:

  • Learn how to create a body profile to help identify specific action steps that need to be taken to accomplish a goal or to begin the change process.
  • Learn how to construct narratives using objects.
  • Learn how to create a foundation block to help stay focused on a desired task or one’s priorities.
  • Learn how to incorporate music, art, and media to enhance emotional expression.
  • Learn how to create journals that are not limited to pen and paper.

In addition to ideas that can be used immediately, participants will be introduced to creative resources that will help when developing activities and/or prompts to use with future students. Tips will be given that will assist the helping professional in designing interventions to help meet the needs of his/her population. While the strategies and activities are geared toward K-8th grade, the presenter has implemented many of these ideas across the student lifespan.

Join counselor, author and speaker Dr. Paula Cox as she leads participants those these innovative and insightful strategies.

Learning Objectives:
You will learn how to:

  • Understand the rationale and value for using hands-on experiences to reinforce
    therapeutic content.
  • Discover how to facilitate therapeutic expression.
  • Apply hands-on session ideas and prompts that can be used immediately.
  • Integrate resources to use when generating and developing ideas for future student interactions.

About the Presenter:

Paula Cox has worked as a counselor for the past 15 years in mental health, school and private practice settings. Currently, she is an Adjunct Professor within the Counselor Education Program at the University of Mississippi and provides supervision for counselors seeking LPC licensure. She also speaks several times a year at counseling-related conferences. Dr. Cox earned her Ph.D. from the University of Mississippi and is the author of Create-It Counseling and co-author of Therapeutic Interventions using Non-Therapeutic Games.


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