CPR & AED for Schools: Chain of Survival - DVD

As research reveals more information about our bodies, changes in how we treat it arise. With CPR, we have seen changes in the administration of breaths and compressions since the first guidelines were developed by the American Heart Association (AHA) in 1966. As AED technology became available, CPR training was expanded to include the use of AED devices by bystanders as well as health care providers. In 2008, the AHA developed Hands-Only CPR for adults and teens to encourage even greater interaction between bystanders and victims. During its 50th anniversary year, 2010, the AHA published its latest guidelines for CPR and the use of AEDs by non-medical personnel such as school staff and faculty members. This video-based training illustrates and explains the use of these guidelines, including C-A-B and Hands-Only CPR, within the school setting.

Length: 15 Minutes

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