Webinar: Connecting Pieces of the Puzzle: Securing Student Safety Through Threat Assessment Teams






Almost all evidence reveals school violence incidents are continuing to occur at alarming rates, with tragic and costly consequences – no matter what conventional security personnel/products and controls/policies School Administrators invest in.  Why are these conventional efforts not working?  Because most Administrators and Threat Assessment Team Members do not have the time to research hundreds of K-12 incidents, bullying reports, tragedies, and other investigations to see what the solutions should be. This webinar will review evidence from federal/state investigations, lawsuits, media investigations, and post-event reports to reveal how school violence incidents can and are being prevented.

This Session will cover:

  • Common gaps and dangerous disconnects in school and district security and safety programs
  • How “a clear picture” almost always exists, but is scattered across numerous “pieces of the puzzle”
  • Why both “First Preventers” AND “First Responders” in schools and communities are critical
  • What guidelines and regulations can be used to validate and improve the efforts of Prevention Teams or Threat Assessment Teams
  • How to ensure legal-ready and audit-ready documentation is in order and ready to protect teachers, schools and districts against soaring lawsuits
  • Next-generation strategies and tools that can deliver game-changing results


In this strategy-driven 90-minute webinar Prevention and Risk Assessment Expert Rick Shaw will explain how to help First Preventers and Threat Assessment Teams collect, assess and connect the “pieces of the puzzle” to prevent incidents – rather than waiting to respond and recover.  The unknown can be very costly, and no one wants a school shooting, stabbing, terrorism event, suicide or other tragedy etched in memory or written on a resume.


  • Build Threat Assessment Teams comprised of key collaborators using best practices
  • Identify specific gaps in connecting the pieces of the puzzle
  • Utilize best practices to prevent liability, lawsuits and tragedies
  • Demonstrate the essential steps in intervention and prevention



  • Principals
  • Teachers
  • School Nurses
  • School Safety Coordinators
  • School Resource Officers
  • Heads of School
  • Superintendents
  • Board Members
  • Risk Managers
  • Loss Control Coordinators
  • Transportation Directors

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