Becoming the Educator They Need

“They don’t care about their education.” “They are not capable of learning.” “I can’t work with them.” “I can’t get through to them.” Just as you may have thought these things about your students, they, too, may have similar thoughts about you: “She doesn’t care about my education.” “He is not capable of understanding me.” “I can’t work with her.” “I can’t get through to him.”

While all students in your class, building, or school district need your support, the Black and Latino male students—the most underserved, suspended, and expelled students in education—need you to understand them as you support them so that they can thrive academically.

In Becoming the Educator They Need, former professional athlete turned educator Robert Jackson reminds teachers and administrators that although “a great majority of all the stories in the news about Black and Latino males are negative,” these young men—the most likely to be incarcerated, drop out of school, and become victims of homicide—need you to work through any biases you may have and internalize and employ the five core beliefs and mindsets necessary to best serve your Black and Latino male students, the six core values for teaching Black and Latino males, and the 11 characteristics of strong, healthy relationships and become the educator that these students need.

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