Webinar: Asperger's High on the Spectrum (Wired Differently Series Part 1)





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Grades K – 12

“I’m Sam. I like video games, movies, riding my bike, fancy cars, creating my own movies, making paper planes, origami, and other stuff… Sounds normal but I’m not. Everyone is different, I’m really different. I live with an extra smart brain, I have Asperger’s. My brain is very busy…I think so much about things; I get stressed out and often get mad or sad. I get sad at school a lot because I don’t get the kids and they don’t get me…”

And, he’s in your class. Chances are high, there will be at least one student in your class with Autism Spectrum Disorders since they are now occurring in one of every 68 kids – one in 42 boys! And the most prevalent “end of the spectrum” is the high end – High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s. What can educators do to help these kids succeed and thrive in school? Discover the answers during this interactive, 90-minute webinar. Mike Paget, M.Ed. – schools consultant and author – will reveal the obstacles facing these students and how teachers, administrators and other school personnel can help to smooth their way.

  • Aspies have a hard time expressing themselves and understanding non-literal communication – making for a difficult time in the classroom.
  • Transitioning from one activity to another can result in a meltdown.
  • Intense focus on one interest to the exclusion of all else can make it hard for peers to relate to these kids.
  • Asperger’s kids have no appreciation of personal space and tend to get too close to others.
  • Often, these students have had delayed milestones in motor skills development so they don’t enjoy sports.

Add all this up and it reveals why students with Asperger’s are often bullied, experience depression and feel isolated.

Find ways to help with the social and communication challenges, peer relationships, routines and rules, and organization skills as well as how to avoid escalation throughout changes in routines and classroom instruction during this webinar.

Webinar attendees will learn to:

  • Recognize the signs and symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Help Asperger’s students overcome or cope with communication challenges
  • Enlist the help of parents to formulate the best approach for Asperger’s students
  • Reduce stressors for students dealing with Asperger’s
  • Find ways to incorporate special interests of Asperger’s students into the curriculum to help keep them engaged and focused
  • Teach others in the classroom about Asperger’s and help them appreciate the differences of these students.


  • Teachers
  • School Counselors
  • Social Workers (All Levels)
  • Principals and Administrators
  • Special Education Personnel
  • At-Risk Coordinators
  • After-School Program Coordinators
  • Psychologists
  • Nurses

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