AccuTrain Connect – Pilot

How does the Pilot Program Work?

You pick 6 courses from either the Health, Safety & Compliance Suite (HSC) or the Social, Emotional & Behavioral Suite (SEB). You get access for one year, one school, up to 100 users. The cost to you is $295 (For your reference, one course like the COVID-19: Fast Facts course — is normally $195 per year for 150 users.). We will touch base with you for regular feedback on the courses and the system. At the end of the year, you choose whether you want to continue with the program.

A representative will follow up with you after checkout to confirm the 6 courses you’d like to use in your Pilot program.


The  AccuTrain Connect platform delivers critical training to your staff at home or at school, via their computers or their cell phones – on a schedule that works for them.  Each course uses the power of video to maximize learning impact. And the cloud-based, social-empowered AccuTrain Connect learning management system delivers your choice of courses quickly and clearly, providing automatic documentation.

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