Overcoming Distraction, Disruption & Marginalization – Dr. Tom Maglisceau; Virtual Seminar 4/26

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The vision of any school likely commits to serving “all kids.” But the reality of our current climate of distraction, disruption and marginalization often prohibits the realization of this vision. This virtual seminar examines the biology of pre-adolescent and adolescent brains, the latest research behind Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the Trauma-Impacted Learner – as well as the biases and prejudices that hinder our ability to work better together.

Watch Dr. Tom Maglisceau underline the motivation that is often behind disruptive behaviors.

Dr. Tom Maglisceau, who has served as a teacher, coach, principal and now superintendent in the Dallas area, will help attendees develop a path forward for building resilience. He will also provide high-yield strategies for building the culture, systems and leadership necessary to enhance relational capacity and resilience in our kids – both in individual classrooms and schoolwide.

Register at https://accutrain.com/public-seminars/ddm/


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