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Self-Regulation includes a set of insights and skills students need for academic success, emotional control and healthy social interaction. When a young person is lacking in his/her ability to self-regulate emotions and behavior, negative outcomes are easily observable. Helping young people improve their Self-Regulation skills can help them to better handle anger issues, anxieties, impulsiveness, academic challenges, classroom behavior issues, self-esteem struggles, social troubles and more. Helping young people improve their Self-Regulation skills will enable teachers, counselors, social workers, administrators and other educators to see observable and sustained positive changes in young people.

About this Seminar

In this one-day training, the presenter will provide recommendations and strategies that you will be able to use with all students, and in particular with students who have behavioral and/or emotional self-control issues. Included will be practical insights, recommendations and learning activities that are based upon the evidence-based approaches used in cognitive-behavior psychology. The content of this seminar is consistent with the principles underlying the RTI/MTSS and Positive Behavior Supports movements. The presenter will provide creative, fresh and engaging approaches for individual students, small groups, classrooms and the whole school.

Based on the content of the training I will learn:

    – To develop a level of understanding of the Self-Regulation framework sufficient for teaching it to students and presenting it to parents.

    – To apply step-by-step strategies/activities to teach young people how to increase self-regulation including:          cooling the flame, my warning signs, melting freeze, you can’t make me laugh, free emotional expression, challenge software program, defiance trap

    – To organize and implement strategies in a way that is most effective

    – For addressing many social/emotional, behavioral and academic problem areas including: anger and   

       oppositional behavior, depression & anxiety, academic performance, chronic impulsiveness, ADHD,   

       motivation, learned helplessness, bullying & other school safety issues

    – To access, monitor and report measurable outcomes from the application of self-regulation strategies   

       presented in this seminar

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

The training was a great success. As counselors were leaving the session each day, many were commenting to me that it was the best training they have had since becoming a counselor. "
Director of Guidance & Counseling
Arlington, TX
"This program made a huge difference in my classroom! I attended your seminar in 3rd quarter and implemented in in the 4th quarter and saw great results."
Classroom Teacher
Richmond, VA

About the Presenter

Brad Chapin is a leading authority on Self-Regulation and a masters level psychologist with a passion for helping others learn the skills necessary for success and happiness. He is a best-selling author and nationally-recognized speaker in the area of Self-Regulation. He has served as the Director of Child and Adult Community Services for a large community mental health center where he supervised 65 mental health field staff. Currently, Brad is Director of Clinical Services for Stormont-Vail Behavioral Health Services. Brad’s first book, Helping Young People Learn Self-Regulation, is in its second printing. He has since published Helping Teens Learn Self-Regulation, The Legend of the Regulators, Teaching Self-Regulation Smart Guidance DVD and the Self-Regulation Training Board. His latest book, Helping Pre-Schoolers Learn Self-Regulation, was released to critical acclaim in 2016.


Brad Chapin, LCP, LMLP

In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute.


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