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Working with difficult, demanding, and disruptive students is not a new challenge for educators. However, there are current concerns being voiced regarding the changing nature and intensity of the behaviors of these students. Some educators are reporting increases in selfish, manipulative and hostile behaviors while others are noticing more students who are overly anxious and/or difficult to engage. Even well seasoned, award-winning master educators can sometimes have their “feathers ruffled” by certain students in certain situations. 

About this Seminar

This seminar is designed to assist all educators with identifying and addressing behavioral issues that affect the academic and behavioral progress of the students with whom they work. This power-packed seminar will provide you with up-to-date insights and strategies for reaching and helping those young people who seem to evoke the strongest feelings of frustration, hurt, and sometimes discouragement in professional educators. 

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

    – Identify the underlying causes of difficult behaviors in students

    – Implement do’s and don’ts to address specific behaviors

    – Integrate key strategies for migrating from an obedience-centered approach to a responsibility-centered


    – Develop innovative ways to support positive behavior

    – Apply strategies for preventing the escalation of difficult behavior

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I was seriously frustrated with behavior in my classroom and this training changed my teaching. This is a must-have tool when working with students!"
Middle School Teacher
Hesston, KS
"VERY useful information, very realistic and do-able method."
Classroom Teacher
Nashville, TN

About the Presenter

Author of Roadmap to Responsibility and Give ‘em Five, Larry Thompson, M.Ed., is often called upon to deliver keynote presentations for state and national education conferences because of his knowledge, humor and passion for assisting today’s students. He has helped thousands of educators and schools throughout North America break away from their traditional discipline models to a model that creates a responsible climate and responsible students. Larry has served in a wide variety of roles in education – from special education teacher to alternative and traditional high school principal. As creator of the Responsibility-Centered Discipline program, Larry understands that systems must be created that can be realistically implemented and sustained.


Larry Thompson, M.Ed

In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute.

Eric Clark, M. Ed., is a Certified Master Trainer for Responsibility-Centered Discipline and helped shape the implementation materials for the program. He currently serves as Head of School at a progressive private school in the Midwest. Previously he served as Principal in a public school setting, while also serving as the District Technology Integration Specialist. Eric began his education career teaching English Language Arts, Journalism and Media Communications. Between his other responsibilities, Eric also launched a thriving publishing company. As an administrator, he has successfully implemented the supportive, nonexclusionary principles of Responsibility-Centered Discipline with elementary, middle and high school faculty and students.


Eric Clark, M.Ed

In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute.


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