Executive Function Skills & Academic Success Webinar

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Executive Function skills are a better indicator of academic success than IQ – according to some experts! EF skills help students remember and follow multi-step instructions, avoid distractions, control rash responses, adjust when rules change, persist at problem-solving and manage long-term assignments. The students in your classroom are most likely exhibiting vastly different levels of EF skills mastery and, when these skills are lacking, your job is far more difficult.

In this 90-minute webinar, Bryan Harris, Ed.D. will share ways to help students develop and hone their Executive Function skills. He’ll define and demonstrate how the brain works at EF skills and why some students have a more difficult time with mastery than others. Attendees will leave with methods and practices that they can take away to improve the Executive Function skills of all students – providing a more manageable, achievement-oriented classroom.



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