Motivating Responsible Use of Technology & Preventing Digital Bullying & Abuse Webinar (Grades 4-12)

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Last year ten high school seniors had their admissions to Harvard rescinded after they posted offensive memes to an online chat group. Students love social media. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Tumblr are all here to stay and actually provide great avenues for students to connect with friends and to engage with the world at large. The upside to these platforms is huge but there are also risks and dangers that can derail students – as in the cases of those students who were planning to be Ivy Leaguers.

Watch Richard Guerry underscore the liability of unguarded technology use.

In this 90-minute webinar, Richard Guerry, Executive Director of IROC2 (the Institute for Responsible Online and Cellphone Communications), will explore how educators can teach responsible use of any digital tool – current or future – to students. He will help you impress the importance of digital legacy upon students so they’ll understand how their digital actions today will be used to shape and identify who they are well into the future.

There is no magic button to eliminate all digital abuse in schools, but there are ways to reduce it, bring accountability to those who create it and empower those who wish to avoid it. This webinar will provide real-world solutions and recommendations for prevention that teachers will be able to implement in their classrooms. Attendees will learn to eliminate the myths of “anonymity,” “social privacy” and “ephemeral technologies” to help create a positive environment.

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