Mindfulness in Education: Improving Focus, Attention & Achievement – Joree Rose

Students who have been instructed in “mindfulness” experience increases in test scores and executive functioning – as well as in focus and attention – while showing decreases in stress, anxiety, depression and bullying, according to Counseling Strategies & Resources speaker Joree Rose.

Watch Joree Rose summarize the impact of mindfulness from a student’s perspective.

Joree Rose, MA, LMFT is a mindfulness and mindset coach and author of Mindfulness, It’s Elementary and Squirmy Learns to Be Mindful.  She will be presenting a keynote session in Orlando.

The 10th Annual Counseling Strategies & Resources Conference will be held at the Caribe Royale Orlando March 26-29. This stimulating event is coming back to Orlando for a fourth year and features well-known presenters like Julia Cook, Dr. Russ Sabella, Joree Rose, Tracie Berry-McGhee, Dr. J. Stuart Ablon, Brad Chapin and Dr. Chris Emdin.

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