Michael Gurian: Compartmentalizing or Thriving After Trauma – “It’s Not an Either/Or”

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Trauma’s impact on learning can be catastrophic, but Plenary Speaker Dr. Michael Gurian suggests that with the proper support, students can survive — and even thrive through trauma and abuse.

Watch Michael Gurian open up about surviving abuse and how it informs his work as an advocate for students who have experienced trauma.

Founder of the Gurian Institute and New York Times bestselling author of 32 books, Dr. Gurian enlightens educators regarding his research on brain gender differences and how gender-friendly instruction can be implemented effectively. He will present a plenary session entitled The Minds of Boys and Girls: Helping Our Children Do Their Best in School and Life. He will also present a keynote session entitled Trauma and Learning: ACES and Gender-Specific, Trauma-Informed Strategies for Helping Children Learn and Grow at the Wired Differently Conference in Las Vegas in July.


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