Meet your new instructor: Mike Paget on Anxiety – complimentary module

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We all have anxiety. It’s the early warning system that lets us know something is going on that could be harmful, challenging or put us at risk.

Some people are wired with a higher level of apprehension and anxiety. When dominant and not related to an issue, it becomes an anxiety condition – and nearly one-third of all adolescents experience one.

Mike Paget, M.Ed. – an author, speaker, consultant and innovator of effective approaches for working with students with severe emotional and behavioral problems – details what anxiety looks like and discusses how both nature and nurture contribute to an individual’s anxiety level.

accutrain education school professional development training resources conferences

Anxiety is part of Acting-In Challenges – available in on-demand streaming video format via AccuTrain Courses. Mike discusses how to support students who experience acting-in challenges that cause significant internal distress – including anxiety, mood disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome. He shares proven strategies that educators can implement to build relationships with complicated students as they navigate the challenges of growing up. This 2-hour course is comprised of 15-minute or less modules – ideal for on-the-go, self-paced learning.


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