Learn from the Best: John Almarode on Stoplights and Sticky Notes

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Why does learning seem to drip out of students’ ears from one day to the next?

Dr. John Almarode addresses this question and introduces how stoplights and sticky notes impact learning in his new master class. Stoplights are those things that impede our progress. Sticky notes help us recall or retrieve things we need to do.

Watch the Stoplight and Sticky Notes introductory training module.

In Stoplights and Sticky Notes, John explores the recent research on how our brain learns to help you achieve better student learning outcomes.

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John is currently the Director of Teaching and Learning at the James Madison University School of Education. He has worked with schools, classrooms and teachers all over the world to apply the science of learning and to design classroom environments that promote student engagement. The work of John and his colleagues has been presented to the U.S. Congress, the Virginia Senate, the U.S. Department of Education and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.


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