Gerry Brooks: Communication, Chocolate & Little Debbie – Promoting Positive School Culture

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Principal and YouTube Sensation Gerry Brooks says that changes to climate and culture in a building do not have to be dramatic. Instead, a gesture as simple as making chocolate available to teachers visiting the office can be a “game changer.”

Watch Gerry Brooks suggest a simple method for promoting a positive climate & culture throughout a school in one of his now-famous anecdotal video.

Gerry Brooks is a passionate educator and public speaker, who now has a following of more than 500,000 people on social media. He is widely recognized due to his humorous videos on YouTube and other Social Media platforms that focus on real-world educational experiences.  Gerry will present a keynote session in Atlanta.

“People say it’s very hard to get on the same page. It’s really not. Communication. That’s the key to getting on the same page because otherwise climate & culture problems arise.”

The School Climate & Culture Forum features practical, real-world initiatives that are successfully transforming the quality, character and personality of schools. It showcases programs, assessments and tools proven to improve school culture and climate. Evidence-based and research-based interventions will be introduced, while the forum also highlights high-potential efforts currently being implemented in the laboratory of everyday school life.



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