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3 programs for 300 users for $300/year
Offer Expires 3/31/20


With AccuTrain On-Demand, every training DVD is available via our streaming platform. Simplify distribution and documentation of training with this online option. Visit the AccuTrain On-Demand demo site to explore all the functionality of AccuTrain’s e-learning.

These courses feature the same video content as AccuTrain’s award-winning DVD-based training programs and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The 20-question quiz at the end of each course assures comprehension and provides documentation of completed training. The training administrator can assign courses to trainees, track when the training is completed and see how the trainees have scored on the quiz — all from his or her desk!

Discover how AccuTrain On-Demand can help you expedite the distribution of critical training to dispersed staff. Let this e-learning option help you insure every affected employee gets the required training while making documentation and record keeping easy! View the AccuTrain On-Demand demo site today and see for yourself.

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