Discipline Problems vs. Motivation Problems: Dr. Robyn Jackson

A behavior is a discipline problem, according to Levin & Nolan’s widely respected Principles of Classroom Management, if the behavior:
• Interferes with the teaching act
• Interferes with another student’s right or ability to learn
• Is psychologically or physically unsafe
• Destroys or damages property.
In light of this definition, Dr. Robyn Jackson says that motivation problems are much more difficult to resolve.
“Discipline problems typically require preventative strategies as well as short-term interventions. Motivation problems on the other hand, require long-term, individualized interventions. Discipline problems need to be addressed so that others can learn. Motivation problems need to be addressed so that the individual student can learn.”

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Author of Never Work Harder than Your Students and Founder of Mindsteps Inc., Dr. Robyn Jackson will deliver a plenary session at the Innovative Schools Summit Las Vegas. Read More.


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