AccuTrain Connect

A new social-enabled digital learning platform that delivers fresh, brief, engaging, video-empowered courses for educators.

The  AccuTrain Connect platform delivers critical training to your staff at home or at school, via their computers or their cell phones – on a schedule that works for them.  Each course uses the power of video to maximize learning impact. And the cloud-based, social-empowered AccuTrain Connect learning management system delivers your choice of courses quickly and clearly, providing automatic documentation. 

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Anytime, Anywhere

The AccuTrain Connect platform allows your staff to complete critical training whenever and wherever they want.

Growing Library

Our library includes more than 50 courses and resources on critical topics, with more added each month. 

Engaging Content

Each course features an engaging mix of video, graphics and interactive questions, with a brief quiz to insure comprehension.


Our unique Channels provide fresh content, allow you to deliver updates, and allow staff to comment and post their stories.

Document & Report

View the progress of your staff in real-time. Be able to provide documentation that critical training was completed.


Expert Trainers

Our courses are based upon insight-filled input from nationally known authors, thought leaders and subject matter experts.

Mobile Friendly

We have designed the AccuTrain Connect platform to work seamlessly on any computer, tablet or mobile device.


Video is powerful and we have included it in all of our courses to drive engagement and to increase retention of learning.

Course Suites

Social, Emotional & Behavioral Suite

Health, Safety and Compliance Suite

Responsibility-Centered Discipline Suite

Responsibility-Centered Discipline helps educators deescalate situations with students and prepares them to respond when emotions come to a boil.  By empowering educators to become masters of challenging moments with students, RCD schools typically see improvements in behavior management, school climate, teacher satisfaction and, ultimately, academic success.

Module 1

Closing the Exits off the Road to Responsibility

Module 2

The Paradigm Shift in School Discipline

Module 3

 Give 'em Five

Module 4

Response-Ability Process & In-School Solutions

Responsibility-Centered Discipline

RCD Practice Scenarios

These scenarios utilize real-life situations to prepare educators for real-life interactions with students. Teachers and administrators can practice their skills using Give ‘em Five, Closing the Exits and the Response-Ability Process. The RCD Practice Scenarios are available for lower grades and upper grades, and are a fun and effective way to practice new skills. 

Responsibility-Centered Discipline

RCD Video Q&A Library

RCD Creator Larry Thompson and RCD Master Trainers Eric Clark, Brian Dinkins, Sherri Conrad and Angela Thompson answer questions about working with challenging students, challenging teachers, challenging administrators, challenging parents and challenging situations. More than 75 queries are answered 

Responsibility-Centered Discipline

National RCD Channel

Get the latest insights and updates from Larry Thompson, Eric Clark, Brian Dinkins and other RCD Master Trainers. See posts from educators throughout North America about their successes and challenges implementing RCD. Share your own experience or story. 

Responsibility-Centered Discipline

Rate Your

Teachers and administrators can self-rate their own interactions to see how well they are using Give ‘em Five guided conversations in challenging moments with students. Implementation Team Members can see where teachers and administrators feel confident – and where they need training. 

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