Dealing with Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy in Schools

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Dealing with Asthma, Diabetes and Epilepsy in Schools

This program covers three common medical conditions and how to help students deal with them — both day-to-day and in emergencies. 

When you are able to treat a student’s medical condition as a normal part of life, you encourage them — and their fellow students to act this way as well. 

In turn, students can stop focusing on their medical condition and put their energy towards daily living and creating a bright future.

Asthma – how to recognize an episode, possible triggers
Diabetes – symptoms of high and low blood sugar, what to do in each case
Epilepsy – physical signs of seizure, complete vs. partial seizure
Setting the tone – leading by example

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This course is available completely On-Demand, allowing your staff to complete training whenever and wherever they want.


You will be able to view the progress of your staff in real-time and be able to provide documentation that each staff member has completed training.


This this course is designed to work seamlessly on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Staff can complete the course anywhere and on any device.

Why wait? Prepare Now.

Fully Document Training and ensure all Staff Members follow proper protocols.

Dealing With Asthma, Diabetes And Epilepsy In Schools is delivered on the AccuTrain Connect LMS platform. AccuTrain Connect delivers critical training to your staff at home or at school, via their computers or their cell phones – on a schedule that works for them. Each online course uses the power of video to maximize learning impact. And the cloud-based, social-empowered AccuTrain Connect learning management system delivers your choice of courses quickly and clearly, providing automatic documentation for Adminstrators. 

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