Anxiety in The Classroom

How Educators Can Support Students with Anxiety Disorders


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More than 13 percent of students – 1 in 8 – experience significant anxiety that limits their engagement in school and in relationships. Anxiety conditions – separation anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, and generalized anxiety – are the most prevalent mental issues, and they often go unnoticed. But the impact on the students is significant.

During this WebRemix, Mike Paget, M.Ed. gives teachers, counselors and other professionals the tools to support and teach this high-potential portion of the student population while avoiding an unmanageable classroom environment.


WebRemix Highlights

>> Variations of anxiety and how to recognize indicators of this condition

>> Cognitive-behavorial model of anxiety disorders

>> Verbal strategies that support vs. escalate

>> Classroom routines that unintentionally escalate emotions of a student with anxiety

>> Accommodations that educators can use


Mike Paget, M.Ed. works as a consultant to schools throughout North American to help them better teach challenging students. He is an innovator of effective approaches for working with students with severe emotional and behavioral problems. He has conducted keynote presentations and seminars across the U.S. and Canada on creative techniques for crisis intervention and managing classroom behavior. Mike spent 20 years working extensively with ODD, CD and other special needs.

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