Innovative Schools Summit

Innovative Schools Summit

Join us in New York City, Orlando, Atlanta, Las Vegas and San Antonio for the 2023 Innovative Schools Summit. Each event will include 4 topic-specific National Conferences and provides a unique opportunity for teachers and administrators to learn key insights and best practices from thought leaders in education.
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Evidence-Based Strategies to Teach Impulse-Control & Self-Management Skills to K-12 Students
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Social-Emotional Learning

Get insights and best practices for supporting SEL with on-site training from our experts.
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AccuTrain Connect

Deliver critical on-demand training to your staff
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On-demand master classes on social-emotional learning, classroom management, teaching strategies, school discipline and more.
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Digital Citizenship

Helping Digital Natives Navigate the Ever-Evolving Online World
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Responsibility-Centered Discipline

Learn supportive, non-exclusionary, deescalating behavior management techniques that teach students responsibility & transform school climate.
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Professional Development for K-12 Educators

AccuTrain offers insight-filled professional development for teachers to help meet the evolving needs of today’s students.  A leading provider of K12 education conferences, we bring together nationally known authors and experts in the areas of social-emotional learning, classroom management, school discipline, innovative teaching strategies and school safety.  In addition, we’re committed to helping educators elevate their skills through instructor-led continuing education and online training courses, 

AccuTrain’s mission is to serve K-12 educators with insightful professional development experiences so they can sharpen skills and meet students’ evolving needs. AccuTrain™ provides a comprehensive menu of resources and events for teachers, counselors, nurses, principals, deans, social workers, transportation and safety employees, and food service personnel.

In addition to offering an extensive library online training courses, DVDs and print-based materials, AccuTrain is a leader in providing instructor-led continuing education. These on-site training events and conferences feature nationally renowned authors and experts in the areas of relational aggression, behavior management, innovative teaching strategies, working with students with emotional/behavioral challenges, school safety and counseling techniques.

The Innovative Schools Summit features 4 or more education conferences in one location and will take place in New York, Orlando, Atlanta, Las Vegas and San Antonio.  Bestselling authors and nationally known thought leaders join innovative practitioners to present a variety of perspectives and strategies at the At-Risk Students Conference, the Innovative Teaching Strategies Conference, the School Climate & Culture Forum, the Social-Emotional Learning Forum, the School Discipline Conference and the Wired Differently/Trauma-Informed Schools Conference.

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Provide your team with the training they need to support students effectively, keep your facility safe and enrich your school culture. AccuTrain Connect enables you to deliver critical training to your educators need when and where they need it — at home or at school, via computer or mobile device. Suites available include Social, Emotional & Behavioral, Health, Safety & Compliance, Responsibility-Centered Discipline and Teaching Strategies. The AccuTrain Connect learning management system makes it easy to manage and track training from anywhere, with automatic documentation.

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Equip your educators with online, DVD and print-based resources to stay up to date on the latest issues such as social-emotional learning,  counseling, behavior management, safety and compliance, transportation and school discipline. AccuTrain resources feature engaging, well-researched content and practical strategies that help teachers and administrators support students and enrich the learning experience.

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AccuTrain seminars feature informative, practical content presented by experts who are also engaging presenters. Public seminars are hosted throughout North America.  Topics include Girl Drama; Lost Boys; Defiant, Manipulative & Attention-Seeking Students; Students Who Are Wired Differently; Critical Mental Health Challenges; and Self-Regulation.

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Responsibility-Centered Discipline (RCD) helps foster a culture of responsibility that strengthens educator-student relationships and establishes an equitable process of school discipline so that all students get the support they need to improve behavior and achieve academic success. RCD provides teachers with the tools to de-escalate challenging situations and to have supportive conversations — which leads to less time managing behavior and more time teaching.

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Master trainers bring AccuTrain programs and seminars to your district or school for practical strategy-filled one- or two-day workshops. Topics include engaging boys, Self-Regulation, Responsibility-Centered Discipline, relational aggression, self-injury and suicide, students who are Wired Differently and trauma-informed schools. 

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