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For more than 20 years, our seminars have been acclaimed for their infomative, practical content and knowledgeable, engaging presenters. Each seminar features a an engaging, dynamic speaker who is a leader in his or her field.


Defiant & Manipulative Students

Working with difficult, demanding, and disruptive students is not a new challenge for educators. However, there are current concerns being voiced regarding the changing nature and intensity of the behaviors of these students. Some educators are reporting increases in selfish, manipulative and hostile behaviors while others are noticing more students who are overly anxious and/or difficult to engage.


Wired Differently

Studies show that approximately 20 percent of all students are diagnosable for a mental, emotional or behavioral health issue. This seminar will help counselors, teachers and other professionals understand how to support and teach this high-potential portion of the student population while avoiding an unmanageable classroom environment.


Lost Boys

Boys are held back in school twice as often as girls. Boys also get expelled from preschool nearly five times more often than girls, and they are diagnosed with learning disorders and attention problems at nearly four times the rate of girls.

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Girl Drama

Based upon the latest brain reseach, as well as current best practices, these interventions can be used to revive, launch or sustain efforts to prevent drama and emotional violence among girls. Without help, girls who are targets often suffer lasting effects – including academic withdrawal, social withdrawal, depression, substance abuse, risky sexual behavior, delinquency, crime, dysfunctional relationships, self-injury and even suicide.



In this one-day seminar, the presenter will provide recommendations and strategies that you will be able to use with all students, and in particular with students who have behavioral and/or emotional self-control issues. Included will be practical insights, recommendations and learning activities that are based upon the evidence-based approaches used in cognitive-behavior psychology.

accutrain education school professional development training resources conferences

Critical Mental Health Challenges

The numbers for suicide among students continue to trend upward – to the point that many states and districts now require teachers and other educators to be trained in suicide awareness.  Last year’s vastly popular NetFlix series, 13 Reasons Why, served to increase the discussion about suicide but also increased online searches on how to commit suicide by 26 percent. At the same time, non-suicidal self-injury, including cutting, has increased at an alarming rate over the past decade.

“The presenter’s personal stories and passion for the subject matter motived me. The topics covered were extremely relevant to the challenges I face each day in the classroom.”

Middle Teacher Counselor -
Houston, TX

“This training is so relevant to challenges I face in my classroom. I feel like I’ve finally found strategies that I can use in class that will work!”

Middle School Administrator -
Atlanta, GA

“This training taught me a new way approach to behavior management and teaching. I can’t wait to use it in the classroom!”

High School Counselor -
Seattle, WA

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