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The focus of this one-day seminar is to provide educators gender-specific strategies, activities and insights that can be used to confront and avoid relational aggression and bullying. These interventions can be used to revive, launch or sustain efforts to prevent emotional violence among girls. Without help, girls who are targets often suffer lasting effects – including academic withdrawal, social withdrawal, depression, substance abuse, risky sexual behavior, delinquency, crime, dysfunctional relationships, self-injury and even suicide. Unfortunately the target herself all too often becomes a bully.

About this Seminar

Relational aggression among girls has intensified with the explosion of online communication/social media. While texting and Facebook are still widely used, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine, Google+, Skype, Oovoo, Facetime, Omegle, Whisper, Yik Yak, Ask.FM, reddit, Digg, Pinterest, Polyvore, Kik and WhatsApp are growing fast, and 91% of North American teens now have access to a smart phone, according to 2015 Pew Research. Except for gaming, girls are far more likely than boys to access these online options.

This seminar will help attendees understand the latest research around female bullying and relational aggression – which often exhibits as exclusion, isolation, rumoring, gossiping, pitting friends against one another, revealing personal secrets and/or altering personal secrets. Attendees will be provided tools for instilling social/emotional connections among girls that reduce relational aggression and improve academic outcomes.

Learning Objectives 

In this information-packed seminar, you will learn to:

    – Integrate the latest research-based insights into your bullying and relational aggression prevention program

    – Identify online communication and social media trends affecting today’s girls

    – Discover how to instill social/emotional connections among girls

    – Implement individual, small group and classroom strategies and activities

    – Design or revise your own action plan for addressing female relational aggression.

Who Should Attend

    – Classroom Teachers

    – Principals

    – Other Administrators

    – Special Education Personnel

    – Media Specialists

    – School Counselors & Psychologists

    – Social Workers (all levels)

    – Law Enforcement/SRO

    – Counselors & Therapists in Agencies & Private Practice



Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I absolutely loved your seminar and it was so valuable to the work that I do and the language I use with the children. I'm now able to correct the behavior, in the moment, in less than 30 seconds!"
School Counselor
Ontario, Canada
"I recently attended this seminar with 3 of my colleagues. When we left, all 3 of us commented that this workshop provided us with more usable material than any other that we have attended. Thank you for taking such a practical approach."
Montgomery, TX

About the Presenter

Steph Jensen, MS, LPC is an award-winning author and international speaker recognized for her insight and understanding of relational aggression. She combines 15 years of practice in the fields of education and counseling with research, practical strategies and humor to address challenging behaviors and build positive relationships with kids. She has held positions as classroom teacher, education consultant and international speaker. She holds a master’s degree in clinical counseling, focusing her efforts on adolescent and family issues.

In recent years, Stephanie has applied her passion for adolescents to focus on the dynamics of relational aggression, social-emotional learning, and positive behavior interventions. She is the author of Thrive in the Hive: Surviving the Girl’s World of Good and Bad Relationship Bee-haviors, Mom’s Choice Award-winning Princess Priscilla and the Bully-Bee Day, Princess Priscilla and the Mood Ring Rainbow and her latest Princess Priscilla and the Great Beezilla!


Steph Jensen, MS, LP

In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute.

Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed., NCC, LPC founded the SistaKeeper Empowerment Center in St. Louis 12 years ago with the mission of inspiring and developing the mind, body and spirit of young women. SistaKeeper has since spread to other locations within the United States and several other countries. Tracie also continues to serve the community via her private counseling practice, which specializes in women and teen girl issues. She is often called upon to speak on topics SistaKeeper Poetry for the Soul, I’m a Keeper and OWN your NOW.

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Tracie Berry-McGhee, M.Ed., NCC, LPC

In case of an emergency, another qualified presenter will substitute.


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